Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Key Concepts
Katie A. Nelson, Inver Hills Community College and Nadine T. Fernandez, SUNY Empire State College

Chapter 2: Key Perspectives
Nadine T. Fernandez, SUNY Empire State College and Katie A. Nelson, Inver Hills Community College

Part 2: South Asia

Chapter 3: South Asia: Introducing the Region
Ina Goel, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Chapter 4: Controlling National Borders by Controlling Reproduction: Gender, Nationalism and Nepal’s Citizenship Laws.
Dannah Dennis, Hamilton College &  Abha Lal, NYU Shanghai   

Chapter 5: Understanding Caste and Kinship with Hijras, a ‘Third’ Gender Community in India
Ina Goel, The Chinese University of Hong Kong  

Chapter 6: Nepal ‘The city’ and ‘the easy life’. Work and Gender among Sherpa in Nepal.
Alba Castellsagué & Sílvia Carrasco, Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona

 Part 3: Latin America

Chapter 7: Latin America: Introducing the Region
Serena Cosgrove, Seattle University & Ana Marina Tzul Tzul, Universidad Rafael  Landívar-Quetzaltenango Campus, Guatemala

Chapter 8: Being a Good Mexican Man by Embracing “Erectile Dysfunction”
Emily Wentzell, University of Iowa

Chapter 9: Intersectionality and Normative Masculinity in Northeast Brazil
Melanie Medeiros, SUNY Geneseo

Chapter 10: Mexico’s Anti-poverty Program Oportunidades and the Shifting Dynamics of Citizenship for Ñuu Savi (Mixtec) Village Women
Holly Dygert, Northeastern University

Chapter 11: Q’eqchi’-Maya Women: Memory, Markets, and Multi-Level Marketing in Guatemala
Ashley Kistler, Rollins College

 Part 4: The Caribbean

Chapter 12: The Caribbean: Introducing the Region
Nadine T. Fernandez, SUNY Empire State College

Chapter 13: Quinceañeras: Girls’ Coming-of-Age Parties in Contemporary Havana, Cuba
Heidi Härkönen, University of Helsinki  

Chapter 14: Jamaican Realities of Masculinities and Sexualities: Where Have we Come Since Michel Foucault?Natasha Mortley,  University of the West Indies  

 Part 5: The Global North

Chapter 15: The Global North (North America & Europe): Introducing the Region
Lara Braff, Grossmont College & Katie Nelson, Inver Hills Community College

Chapter 16: Mother’s Acting Up Online
Susan Tratner, SUNY Empire State College  

Chapter 17: Male sex work: Intersections of Gender and Sexuality
Nathan Dawthorne, University of Western Ontario  

Chapter 18: Intersectionality and Muslim Women in Belgium
Elsa Mescoli, CEDEM – FaSS – University of Liège

Chapter 19: Fatherhood and Family Relations in Transnational Migration from Mezcala, Mexico 
Elizabeth Perez Marquez, Universidad de Guadalajara